HIV Testing

DRP provides a rapid result HIV antibody test. Access testing by dropping in, calling and setting an appointment, or accessing the DRP Outreach Team in the Community.

HIV Linkage to Care

If you are identified as HIV positive through testing, or you already know your status, and would like to be re-linked to care you can work with one of DRP’s Case Managers. A Case Manager, that often has similar lived experience, will work directly with you to connect to care, and will attend as many appointments as you would like them to. Your Case Manager will support you through doctors appointments, beginning medication, and other needs that will help you achieve Undetectable Status.

Request an Appointment

Use the following form to request an appointment.  A scheduler at Detroit Recovery Project will contact you to confirm that date and time of your official appointment.  If you have any questions you may call (833)-DRP-HEAL.

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