John Andrews | Treasurer

After serving as a Catholic priest for seven years in the Detroit archdiocese, John Andrews has worked for the past forty years in various administrative capacities in the mental health/substance use disorder field. He spent two years with the Detroit Health Department’s drug treatment program and spent five years in the Bureau of Substance Abuse, the City of Detroit substance abuse coordinating agency. Then followed a two year stint as Assistant Director of the Wayne County Department of Substance Abuse Services.

In 1980, John accepted an invitation to join Eastwood Clinics as Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. He remained with Eastwood for 24 years, the last 12 as Executive Director. During John’s time with Eastwood Clinics, the organization grew into one of the largest mental health/substance use disorder treatment providers in southeast Michigan. During his tenure, Eastwood also became a subsidiary entity within St. John Health System.

As a comprehensive network of outpatient and residential treatment facilities, Eastwood developed into a preferred provider for both the public funding agencies and the private insurance industry, including their managed care affiliates.  John’s  appreciation for the opportunity to work in this field has been deepened by his personal passion as a recovering alcoholic. In February, 2010, John was blessed to celebrate 19 years of sobriety.

John retired from Eastwood Clinics in 2004. Since that time he has been working part-time for the Michigan Association of Substance Abuse Coordinating Agencies. John and his wife, Chris, enjoy the pleasures of retirement with their two adult sons, a wonderful daughter-in-law and two heart-stealing granddaughters, Madeleine and Charlotte.