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Frequently Asked Questions

Is apprenticeship the same as internship? / What is the difference between apprenticeship and internship?
Apprenticeship Internship
Length Longer term (1-2 years) Short term (1-6 months)
Structure Structured training plan that aligns with job competencies Less structured and often focus on entry-level general experience
Mentorship Individualized training and supervision May or may not include mentorship
Pay An apprentiece is an employee who receives pay, stipend support, and benefits. You will be paid from day one and earn wage increases as you gain skills and master competencies. May or may not include pay (often do not)
Credential Nationally recognized credential awarded upon completion Typically do not lead to a credential
Continuity of Employment Employer commitment to apprentice during program and beyond Do not provide employment guarantee
Do I need prior experience to apply?

Candidates do not need any prior behavioral health experience to apply to the RC Apprenticeship program. However, candidates must have completed CPRM Academy and have a minimum of a high school diploma or GED.

What will education involve throughout the RC Apprenticeship?

This program is designed to prepare successful graduates for positions as Recovery Coaches (e.g. Peer Support Specialists, Peer Recovery Mentors). Classes offered during the program that will cover topics in areas of advocacy, mentoring and education, recovery processes, wellness planning, ethical responsibilities, and decision-making. A variety of learning formats will be featured, such as in the classroom, online via live Zoom sessions, and online on a self-paced asynchronous platform.

What are the steps in the selection process?

The first step in the selection process is to complete CPRM Academy. After you have completed CPRM Academy, you will have the opportunity to apply for the RC Apprenticeship program. Once your application is reviewed, if selected, there will be an interview process. From the pool of interviewed applicants, apprentices will be chosen by Detroit Recovery Project and/or an employer partner. The final selection will be based on a person’s overall desire and potential to success, as well as organizational fit.

What is the cost of the program?

There are no costs for participating in the RC Apprenticeship program. In fact, you earn money! An apprenticeship is a job.

Who supports the RC Apprenticeship program?

The RC Apprenticeship program is supported by the US Department of Labor, the Michigan Department of Labor, and our employer partners.

Where will classes/trainings take place?

The RC Apprenticeship program will be a combination of remote and in-person instruction. Class requires attendance Monday through Friday. Class times and locations will vary by day and by the training being held, but these details will be specified on the apprentice’s training schedule. Generally, classes will take place at DRP during normal work hours. On days when class is being held virtually, apprentices will need to have access to high speed internet. Laptops/Chromebooks will be provided for students’ use.

Will I receive a certificate if I graduate from the program?

Yes. After successful completion, graduates will receive a certificate of completion from the Recovery Training Institute. Upon completion of the one-year apprenticeship program, apprentices will receive a Certificate of Apprenticeship Completion from the US Department of Labor.

Are accommodations available for the program and associated certification exams?


To arrange accommodations for the RC Apprenticeship due to a disability, accommodations are coordinated directly between the apprentice, their healthcare professional, the employer, and the Recovery Training Institute.

To arrange accommodations for the certification exam (to obtain the CPRM credential) through MCBAP, the student must email [email protected] for more information along with a note on the bottom of their exam registratio form. Due to the time to have accommodations approved, the accommodation request should be in place several weeks in advance of the scheduled exam date.

Are benefits offered with the RC apprentice position?

Yes. Those who successfully complete CPRM Academy and are accepted into the RC Apprenticeship program will become employees. In accordance with the employer’s policies, employees will have the opportunity to contribute to a comprehensive benefits package which can include health and dental coverage.

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