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Ready to become a Certified Peer Recovery Mentor?

About CPRM Academy

CPRM Academy is an 80-hour interactive training program designed to prepare individuals to become Certified Peer Recovery Mentors (CPRM) through educational coursework and practicum that helps individuals with lived expertise in substance use recovery to build their knowledge and skills with peer support and prepare for work using their lived experiences to promote recovery and wellness to others.

Graduates of CPRM Academy will have earned the specialized education and supervised practical training hours required by the Michigan Cerficiation Board for Addiciton Professionals (MCBAP) to earn the CPRM credential. Click here to view MCBAP’s requirements.

What will you learn?

  • How to coach others in recovery by practicing empathy, building trust with clients, and providing information and resources
  • The multiple pathways of recovery and the recovery process, including its principles and stages of change from both a social and psychological perspective
  • Skills for effective coaching, such as communication, rapport building, and motivational interviewing
  • Professional readiness, including ethics, cultural competence, crisis intervention, building caseloads, facilitating individual and group sessions, client confidentiality, and self-care for frontline workers
  • And much more! 

Career Opportunities

Earning your CPRM will enable you to find stable and rewarding employment! Individuals with their CPRM often work as Recovery Coaches, Peer Recovery Specialists, and Peer Support Specialists in settings such as:

  • Community mental health centers
  • Substance use treatment centers
  • Drop-in centers
  • Employment services
  • Crisis response teams
  • Prevention and outreach teams

Interested in a career with Detroit Recovery Project?

The Recovery Training Institute offers CPRM Academy graduates the opportunity to ‘earn while you learn’ through our 1 ½-year Recovery Coach Apprenticeship program. Click here to learn more.


The upcoming CPRM Academy session will begin Thursday, October 12,  2023 . Please review our eligibility and application requirements before starting your application.

Application deadline: Friday, October 6th, 2023

Start date: Thursday, June 1st, 2023


Please allow up to 48 hours for someone to contact you once you submit your application

Program Requirements

To be eligible for CPRM Academy, applicants must:

    • Be at least 18 years of age
    • Be a person in recovery from alcohol/substance use and have at least 2 years of continuous successful recovery
    • Provide verification of highest education credentials (high school diploma/GED at minimum)
    • Comply with training requirements outlined by RTI to become a Certified Peer Recovery Mentor
    • Basic Technology Skills (Using Email, Navigating the Web, Working with files)

Click here for more details about MCBAP’s CPRM requirements.

 Application Checklist

Applicants for CPRM Academy must submit their application (and all accompanying documents) by the application deadline. Those with incomplete applications will not be accepted. The required application materials are:

Online Application Form
Click HERE to start your application for CPRM Academy.

Proof of Highest Level of Education
Proof of your highest level of education can be a copy of your diploma/GED, degree, or official transcripts. If you attended a Detroit Public School, you can request your transcripts from DPS HERE.

Letter of Reference
Your letter of reference should be written by an employer, professional colleague, or someone within the recovery community who can attest to your involvement in recovery as well as your experience, skills, and character that contribute to your aptitude for the CPRM credential.

Personal Interest Statement
Your personal interest statement should describe why you are seeking admission to CPRM Academy, how our program aligns with your long-term career goals, and your qualifications to become a Certified Peer Recovery Mentor (must be typed and 250 words minimum).

 Please submit documents by email to [email protected] and use the email subject line “LastName Application Docs” (example: Smith Application Docs).