We’re working on our website and adding more helpful information over the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

We’re working on our website and adding more helpful information over the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

Community Partners

RTI is looking to connect and partner with community organizations. We offer paid apprenticeships for graduates of our CPRM Academy and Community Health Worker Training programs. Our Apprenticeship is an ‘earn while you learn’ opportunity for individuals to learn and gain on-the-job experience under the direct guidance of an experienced mentor. In addition to an hourly wage, apprentices earn work stipends incrementally as they meet program milestones.

What we need from our partners

Through partnerships with other community organizations, we are able to offer our apprentices work placement in roles outside of Detroit Recovery Project.

Benefits of partnering

The apprentices complete our training programs and are vetted by our staff throughout the whole process. Trainees who go on to become apprentices must complete their training program (either CPRM Academy or CHWTP) in good standing, complete reviews and assessments, interviews, and more to make sure we are creating and selecting the best possible candidates to become apprentices.

What partnership will look like

  • Partners can work with us to create a unique wage schedule that works for them and the apprentice.
  • We take away the stress of the tedious screening/hiring process by referring trained, high-quality candidates.
  • Proven reduced turnover; 94% of apprentices who start through the programs remain with their employer.
  • RTI provides the apprentice with incremental stipends as they meet program milestones.
  • Collaboratively, we put more trained and qualified people in the workforce, create more job opportunities, increase the available resources for our communities, and improve outcomes for the community overall.
  • Mutual promotion of each other’s events and programs to build stronger connections and community together.

We would love to start a conversation to discuss potentials for partnership with your organization. Let’s work together to bring more opportunities to individuals within our community!

Contact us to learn more about partnering together. Email us at rti@recovery4detroit.com