Detroit Recovery Project offers a sliding fee discount

The Sliding Fee Scale is established and implemented to ensure that uniform and reasonable fees and discounts are consistently and appropriately applied to all eligible patients. While the fee schedule is designed to cover reasonable costs for providing services, the purpose of the Sliding Fee Scale is to address financial barriers to care. Therefore, the Sliding Fee Scale enables the provision of services to individuals consistent with their ability to pay for such services. Once established, the Sliding Fee Scale must be revised annually, at a minimum, to reflect annual updates to the Federal Poverty Guidelines.

Determining your eligibility for the sliding fee discount requires verification of your income. This information must be updated at least annually to continue your participation in the program. This information is only used to calculate your discount and is kept completely confidential.

No patient will be refused services due to an inability to pay.

For more information please call (313) 324-8900.

Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network (DWIHN) Member Handbook

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